Prof. Banshi Dhar Konar, Head of Office

Shri. Banshi Dhar Konar

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to the Indian Institute of Legal metrology. On these web pages you can learn about our world-class intensive legal metrology programme located on the lovely campus of the renowned Kanke,Ranchi in the Chhotanagpur Plateau area, birth place of great freedom fighter Birsa Munda.As such this Institute has created a brand image by acquiring ISO9001:2008 certified for its training activities and in addition, it maintains the optimum standardizations in laboratory too. IILM masslaboratory had received NABL accreditation in the year 2016 and its proclaimed excellences on technical activities done in IILM Laboratory was highly appreciated by Technical Assessorof NPL New-Delhi and Lead Assessor, ISRO, Bengaluru . Abroad and home are well appraised with its excellent curricula designs, facilitated classrooms, and appropriate training aids by imparting training through knowledge based and skill oriented training programme for the benefit of the enforcement officials of Legal Metrology who could discharge their duties with due care and attention . A constant endeavor is being made by IILM to meet the challenges coming across in the race of technological advancement so that our enforcement officials of different states and UT’s could be made well-versed in providing public guarantee to the protection of rights of consumers and their satisfaction too. Apart from 04 months Basic Training Courses, The short term course on Mass comparator i.e. Weighing technique & calibration of standard weights , Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loads and Load cell principle and testing, a large number of participants attended the programme from all across the country & abroad. there are many specialized short term courses like fuel dispenser for motor vehicles, LPG Dispenser & CNG System for Vehicles, Non-automatic weighing instruments, Automatic Rail-weigh bridges, Mass comparator, Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loads and Load cell principle and testing, Legal Metrology Act 2009 and rules made there under, Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011, Consumer education programme etc. is being organized by this Institute. We have tried to provide information that is both complete and accurate to help you to decide if the challenging programs fulfill the expectation of the society and better orientation of Legal Metrology in our country.
I invite you to take some time to visit our website and learn more about the latest programme, achievements, expertise, FAQs and events. Even better, I encourage you to visit our classroom and laboratory in person, to meet our trainee officials & faculty and be inspired by the reliability, competence and standardization& maintained traceability in measurement.
We welcome the opportunity to fulfill that promise with you.