IILM is a premiere institution in the field of Legal Metrology and is established under the provision of Standard Weights and Measures Act 1976 and as per Section 21 of Legal Metrology Act 2009. The obligatory functions of the Institutes as laid down in the statutory provision of Indian Institute of Legal Metrology 2011 are – With a view to facilitation training, the Institute shall-

  • Prepare, print or publish such books, manuals , handbooks, periodicals, instruction sheets, notes , papers or other documents on legal metrology and other branches of knowledge as may be recommended by the Committee;
  • Install in its premises such equipment and maintain such laboratories as may, in the opinion of the Director, be necessary for the proper discharge of its functions;
  • Prepare and implement schemes to stimulate universities, engineering and technical colleges to impart basic education in legal metrology and allied branches of knowledge to under-graduate or post graduate students or both;
  • Prepare schemes for studies with regard to the Institutional legal and administrative framework most conductive to the Proper implementation of the law relating to legal metrology;
  • Establish relations and co-operation with any other agency or organisation, whether in India or outside, which may have a useful function in relation to training in legal metrology;
  • Establish and maintain a library to encourage study of and research in legal metrology and allied branches of knowledge.