Dr Rajeshwar Kumar,Director

Dear Visitor,
What is so special about Indian Institute of Legal Metrology? For me there are few things, which make our training institute distinctive.
"Life is a long journey where each one of us moves ahead conquering one milestone after another. The traveler moves on but the imprints remain embedded on the sands of time.”
This is how our institute runs ahead carrying its entire great past memories and cherished moments and leaving the imprints of success on the pages of its golden history. The main motto of our institute is to achieve success for each of its trainee officials by shedding every drop of its sweat. All of us know very well that our institute is a temple of education where legal metrology officials are being trained and become competent, knowledgeable and skilled in the field of legal metrology.
The very essence of institute's philosophy - that training works best when it is a joint venture between faculty of the institute and trainee officials-still remains as the beginners’ stone of IILM’s success and is the key to the training and learning excellence attained here at the institute.
We the people of IILM, Ranchi believe in firm discipline and dignity which are the keys to success in life. It is always said that a healthy atmosphere brings a healthy mind. I will be ever thankful to the whole faculty and staff of the institute, who have tried their level best to craft a neat and clean atmosphere in the limited enclosure of our institute. We have tried our best to have an atmosphere where we can nurture a sapling promising for a sure blossoming tree in future.